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Metering, Mixing and Dispensing Systems
Manufacturers Represented
Ashby Cross Co., Inc.
  • Meter, Mix & Dispense Systems
Graco, Inc.
  • Fluid Metering Systems
  • Sealant & Adhesive Pump Systems
Kymfoam, Inc.
  • Polyurethane Foam & Elastomer Processing Machinery
Grover Manufacturing Corp.
  • Industrial  Transfer and Supply Pumps
GS Manufacturing, Inc.
  • Spray & Dispensing Systems
Dispensing Technology Corp.
  • Fluid Dispensing Equipment & Supplies
Sutherland Custom Systems

Distributing and Installing Custom Dispensing Equipment & Adhesive Dispensing Technology for Over 30 Years

Your One-Stop Shopping Source for Dispensing, Metering, Mixing and Transfer Molding Technology

  • Hot Melt Industrial Dispensing Equipment
  • Automated Meter Mix & Dispensing Systems
  • Fixed & Variable Ratio Abrasive Material Systems
  • Foam Equipment
  • RTM, Custom Hot Melt Systems
  • Industrial Pumps


ISO 9000
Government Clearance #OCL97
S.I.C. Classifications:
3559, 3561, 3569

Markets Served

Window Manufacturers
Water Filtration & Membrane
Concrete & Asphalt Contractors
Mining Companies
Heavy Equipment
Wind Industries
Yacht Building Companies
Aircraft and Aerospace

Sutherland & Associates has been in business for over thirty years, solving problems for companies involved with metering, mixing and dispensing any number of materials for potting applications, foaming, coating, sealing or adhering.  We also represent a company that is a leader in the Resin Transfer Molding field.  Since we are a manufacturer's representative for several companies, we have the capability to solve problems without being tied down to one company's product line.
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